Friday, December 13, 2013

been too long

I can't believe that it has been since October that i blogged here. GOSH - how time flies, we get busy, the holidays are upon us and so much has happened!

Let me start off by saying that the entire NY Marathon was one of the most amazing, incredible, and humbling experiences of my life! I can truly say that just as a spectator, my life and perspective is completely changed. Those people that run are amazing! They fought a fight that only a small percentage of people in the world fight and win. They raised awareness and funds for not only the DMRF but for tons of other organizations as well.

So after the marathon, we journeyed back to PA and resumed the craziness of life. Dad has continued to do remarkably well. Mom had knee surgery and my sweet brother and his wife and their two girls went over to help out and they came through it all beautifully. Dad has loved being able to shop online this holiday season and has continued to gain strength. He is struggling with the cold weather this season. This is the first time that we have really noticed a significant issue with the cold weather, though we've hear people talk about it. Through all this, though, his spirits are high and lifted. He is continuing to draw strength from the Lord and grow in his faith.

God is amazing and continues to do incredible things in our lives that we just are able to sit back and revel at. Snow is on the way, the Christmas season is upon us, and we are beyond blessed. May this find you and your family growing in your strength, faith, and hope this Christmas season! God bless you all!!!