Thursday, June 6, 2013

a rainbow in the sky

As I type this, I have just come inside from admiring the most beautiful rainbow I truly have ever seen! The colors in it were magnificent and the pure majesty of it was something that for a moment, took my breath away!

a sign of hope - 6/6/2013
A rainbow.... a sign of hope.... how appropriate for Dystonia Awareness Week in my life! We have had a pretty rough week with dad and during this week, I have seen so many signs of hope for this disorder and the future of the awareness of the disorder, I truly have hope! Back when my dad really took a significant turn for the worse with his Dystonia and began the process for DBS, I took a step as a personal promise and dedication and it has taken a turn for the better! Because of dying my hair blue, I have gotten such great response over it, I started a "Go Blue" movement on facebook. This movement has drawn people from all over the world to take a moment to wear something blue and to inform just one person about what Dystonia is! People have done everything from their hair to their toenails, to their clothing to wearing blue ribbons in honor of the thousands of people that suffer from this disorder!

Seeing the people that have joined together to make one big movement has been moving and beautiful! I am beyond grateful and honored of all the people "jumping on this bandwagon"! If we would and could all concentrate our efforts into one single movement and all in sync, what a difference we could make and what a mighty force we would be! We have started out in the right direction; let's finish this year strong; and let's make next year even bigger!


  1. I emailed you about 2 weeks ago, and would like to interview you on our Show called "Coping With Dystonia" My sweet wife has had cervical dystonia for about 48 years. We do not charge a fee to interview you and your story..
    Best Regards!
    Roy & Missy Butler
    San Antonio Texas

  2. Rebecca, Just want to thank you for being such an amazing activist for dystonia. I'm thrilled to link to your site on my blog and it's been a pleasure getting to know you on Dystonia BloggerMania. With my latest post - - Dystonia BloggerMania is heating up! -Pamela-