Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sweet Home Alabama

Well after an entire day of travel, i finally arrived at my parents house in SE Alabama. I arrived in time for dinner and had time for my 4-year old to wind down before we needed to really head to bed. I arrived to see nothing worse than what i expected, but to find, none the less, that Dystonia had absolutely taken over my dad's body. I had always heard people with Dystonia talk about 'triggers' and such and quickly recognized that my dad's right hand/arm has become a trigger. For whatever reason when he uses his right hand or moves his arm, his legs will spasm.

I also quickly realized that my mother had almost had all she can handle 'alone'. Exhaustion has truly set in and being a care taker has taken its toll. I am getting ready to begin the home health battle, medical accessory battle, and any other battle that my mom and dad don't have the energy to fight alone.

The troops are here, and we've come a long way which means, we are that much more determined to make happen what needs to happen!

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  1. You are such a blessing to your Mom, Dad and all you touch.