Wednesday, April 3, 2013

what about 'them'

Well, let me start this by saying that I am absolutely not a counselor or a doctor - I'm just a self-employed graphic designer with a passion for people and a drive to help others! This is one of the main reasons that I have started this blog!

Don't get me wrong, there are lots of blogs out there for people dealing with this disorder: ones that I love to read, laugh with them in their adventures, cry with them when they feel like they've failed, and I've supported them in my comments and prayers for them! I hope, though, that my blog will bring light to another side of Dystonia that seems to be so quickly and easily overlooked - the side of the loved ones watching this disorder take over the body of someone they love dearly! For those of you with Dystonia, you have family and friends who are watching this and experiencing emotions, fears, frustrations, and stressers that you can't imagine just as we can't imagine walking in your shoes through this disorder.

So share this with them! Those who love you and want to support you - those spouses who want to know if it is ok to cry over you, those friends who want to know if it is ok to be mad that you are having to make this journey, those siblings who want to know if it is ok to get frustrated at your disability.

Dystonia is a disorder that affects all who are involved in some way. And there is support for every aspect of the disorder! If you are affected indirectly with this disorder or know someone who is, share this blog with them and tell them to subscribe to the blog or even reach out for more information on how to get support for them! We are all on this journey together!

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  1. Rebecca, This blog is a beautiful gift to all the family members who watch loved ones battle with Dystonia, one perspective I can't offer on Chronicles Of A Dystonia Muse, my own dystonia journey. I'm sure there are many people out there who will be thankful for this blog as you share your feelings and experience. I've placed a link to your site in my sidebar: -Pamela-