Thursday, July 25, 2013

you win some... you lose some

Well, unfortunately, I am blogging today about news that was NOT what we were hoping for. The Baclofen Pump Lumbar Injection (test) was not successful.

"What does that mean?"

Well, the results were minimally positive. After 6 hours, dad's toes straightened out some and there was a few degrees bend in his left knee, but that was about it. When doing a Baclofen pump test, there must be a more significant 'positive result' than what he received to justify the inplanting of a pump.

"So, what does that mean!?"

We will head to UAB to visit with dad's neurologist in mid-August and have a serious discussion about DBS. The major concern right now for the DBS option is that getting relief in Dystonia patients that are only affected in their feet and legs with DBS is very unsure. We will see!

Until then, please continue to share your story, my dad's story, or just share what you know about this horrible disorder! Awareness is key and we are hoping for relief soon!

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