Sunday, August 11, 2013

sometimes we have to find our voice

There are those people that you always hear that have 'lost' their "Advocate voice" and we always tell ourselves, that we will never lose that and be that person. Sometimes, though, the exhaustion of doctor after doctor, opinion after opinion, failed treatment after failed treatment, the day comes when we realize that, we, too, have lost our "advocate voice."

Then what..... where do you go to find it.... where did you leave it..... and just exactly when did you lose it?

Well, this is where we have found ourselves.... and we have lost and have just re-found our voice. Sometimes things happen that you just know in your gut to be unfair, incorrect, or anything else and you just dig in your heels and find that fight that you lost! Well, there have been some things that have happened lately and we have come face to face with some difficult decisions to make and we are now digging our heels in! This week we will dig in, use our voice, and remember, that we are our best advocate for ourselves!

If you have lost your voice, ask someone to help you find it! Dig in, fight the good fight, and be your best advocate! Whether it is in regard to a different medication, to DBS, or even fighting an insurance company, dig in and persevere!

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