Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Please Help!!!

Ok, friends! So on November 3, 2013, Jen Devore is running in the NY ING Marathon in honor of my dad and other friends of mine and people all over the world that cannot run because of Dystonia. When doing this, though, the NY Marathon requires a minimum fundraising goal of $2500 per entrant. We are currently at $945 and are really anxious to raise the rest of the money! All the money is going to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation and their agenda to find a cure for Dystonia!  What Jen is doing for my dad is something I cannot do, run a marathon, but I can surely help her raise awareness and the funds to let her run on behalf of my dad and all the others affected by this disorder.

Now, your part is easy. All you need to do is commit to sponsoring Jen. Please donate as generously as you can by sending in your check payable to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation to the address below or by going online and make your donation online!

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation
Jen Devore Marathon
One East Wacker Drive, Suite 2810

Chicago, Illinois 60601-1905

Now if all that isn’t reason enough to donate, I’ve come up with the top 10 reasons to donate!

Top 10 Reasons to sponsor Jen in the Boston Marathon
10. You can sleep in late on November 3 while still funding Dystonia research, while we are getting in to NYC early to work all day to help find a cure for Dystonia.
9. You can transform my sneakers into a money machine as we raise almost $100/mile.
8. Your donation is tax deductible.
7. If you sponsor us, Jen has no excuse to walk or to crawl and will run the entire 26.2 miles.
6. If we do not raise the total $2,500 we have to pay entry fee out of pocket, not including the shame and blech feeling we will get from coming up short!
5. The public can access comprehensive Dystonia information 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
through the DMRF’s web site (www.dystonia-foundation.org). During a time when so much health information is available through the internet, much of which should be viewed with caution, the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation is a dependable resource for accurate, unbiased information.
4. When I was in Alabama this summer, we weren’t sure if the Dystonia had taken away my dad’s full ability to walk again – but it didn’t! Help us celebrate that!!!
3. You can help us make it back to Montoursville, PA where we plan on celebrating the finish of the marathon! We plan to have chocolate - lots of chocolate, which will fuel those last few miles!
2. Jen will have gone through 896 oz. of Gator Aid, 43 Power Bars, 5 pairs of running shoes, a new pair of cross country skis (for winter training) 53 lbs of ice for my knees, 2 bottles of Alleve and all you need to do is send in a check payable to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation. **some of this bullet point might be an exaggeration to get our point across - LOL**

1. The average diagnosis time for Dystonia patients is a few years! Help us raise awareness to decrease the time of diagnosis and to end the disorder! Let’s put the DMRF out of business by finding a cure!!!

Thanks to all of you for reading, for following my blog, for finding interest in my father's journey, but more importantly, for making even just a $5 donation! It means the world to me, my dad, and everyone else who can't run in the NY Marathon because of Dystonia.

with appreciation for you all!
Rebecca :)

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